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The Eye Test

The Eye Test

Kingsley Opticians based Finchley Central provides a full range of professional ophthalmic services to care for the patients' eyesight and to aid in the detection of abnormal eye conditions, (such as glaucoma, cataracts and diabetes), with the prescribing of corrective spectacle lenses and contact lenses to correct their vision as required.

eye test in finchley central

The eye examination is tailored to the individual patient’s symptoms and requirements: the results are discussed, so that the final out come best suits the patient’s needs.

At Kingsley Opticians, we use a combination of the latest optical technology and over 30 years of working experience, to provide you with the best visual care.

We recommend sight examinations on a 2 yearly basis, exceptions being children, contact lens wearers and people with certain medical conditions who should be seen annually.

After noting any history or eye symptoms you may have, our Optometrists will carry out detailed examinations to determine your prescription and gain an overview of your ocular and visual health of your eyes.


NHS sight examinations are available to people who fall into the following categories:

  • Children under 16 yrs of age
  • Students aged 16-18 who receive full time education.
  • People aged 60 and over
  • Personal history of Diabetes or Glaucoma
  • People aged 40 and over who have a close family member with Glaucoma
  • Those receiving Income Support, Jobseekers Allowance and certain categories of Pension Credit and Tax Credit
  • People advised by an Ophthalmologist that they are at risk of developing Glaucoma
  • People who are partially sighted or registered blind
  • Those who are entitled to a complex voucher in view of their high prescription
  • Those who have applied for and been granted an HC2 exemption certificate