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Contact Lenses

Contact Lenses

At Kingsley Opticians in Finchley Central, we embrace the amazing advances in Contact Lens technology.

Contact lenses mean freedom from spectacles, so they are both ideal for sports and outdoor activities and are the perfect alternative option for general wear if you prefer not to wear spectacles.


The Contact lens consultation

During our contact lens consultations, our Professional Optometrists will have a disucssion with you to discuss your needs and expectations.

Considerations such as your lifestyle, leisure activities, and working environment will be made and then the appropriate measurements and necessary tests will be carried out, we will then recommend the best lenses based on our extensive optical experience.

Once the best contact lens of choice has been selected it will be assessed on its performance on the eye. If satisfactory you will then be taught how to insert and remove the lenses before you are given trial contact lenses to take away. A follow up appointment will then be arranged to review your progress and to give you the opportunity to discuss any concerns you may have.

Regular contact lens after care checks are vital to ensure optimum vision, comfort and eye health are always maintained. If you would like to give contact lenses a try or require further information please contact us.

We Fit a wide range of Contact lenses. The main types of lenses available are as follows:

• Daily Disposable Lenses:
Designed to be thrown away at the end of each day, and are ideal for occasional sports or social wear. Available to most prescriptions.

• Monthly Disposable Lenses:
Replaced every month, these are the most economic lenses for people who want every day wear. These must be removed at night and cleaned.

• Monthly Extended Wear:
Designed for overnight wear, these are the very latest in contact lens materials technology.

• Daily & Monthly Multifocal Lenses:
For those of you wanting to have the freedom of being able to see clearly for Distance and Reading.

• Rigid Gas Permeable Lenses:
We can offer a range of specialised lenses made to the exact shape of your corneas. These are available in all prescriptions and most materials.